November 05, 2010

Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Tonight is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball! I so appreciate all the hard work that my husband puts forth into his job. He has made many sacrifices both for me & the Corps. Marines & service members do this every day. This is a night to truly honor each & every one of their sacrifices & accomplishments!
This is also my one night of the year to get all "dolled-up" & walk on the arm of my handsome Marine! I'm very much looking forward to wearing my new dress & will share pictures later. Thankfully our oldest, Kevin, will be overseeing the younger kids while we are out. Tonight will not be a late night however, as we have LOTS going on tomorrow.
The kids will be on a timed schedule today to get their school-work done any leftovers will have to be completed on Monday. Hopefully they will be diligent with their work & not have any leftovers!