November 26, 2012

Here I go again...

So after letting my blog fall of the face of the world-wide-web (again), I'm back to give this another go!

We finished up our time in Virginia Beach & in July arrived aboard Camp Pendleton in CA. While we miss our dear friends in Virginia, we are excited to be back in sunny California! Today's high was 65 & sunny :)
TMO packed us & moved us across the country. We had great packers, loaders & unloaders! I felt very blessed as I know this isn't always the case. Only one broken bookcase. :)

We are now as settled in as we will get for the duration of this deployment. Which isn't for too much longer. ;)

The Oldest came home from culinary school over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so awesome to have him home! We haven't had that much fun as a family in a long time. I even had sushi for the first time & loved it! We are looking forward to the next time he can come home, and hopefully for a bit longer. :)

I'm going to strive to do weekly updates on this blog. Praying I can stick with it now that things are a bit more settled :)

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