December 02, 2012

Weekly Check-In

This week has been busy for sure!
Piano lessons, karate, gymnastics & Christian Women's Fellowship all took place. Not to mention battling the Commissary on payday weekend. Thankfully we only spent 2 hours in the store this time.

Physical therapy, dentist & doctor appt. for just me, and more to come. I have a tooth that needs to be replaced. Boo! The best option seems to be an implant, but I really, really, do not want to go through all that. I am going to a holistic dentist in a few weeks to see what his opinion is & then we'll go from there.
My doctor appt. was for pressure behind my right eye. They found that I have a small ear infection in my left ear & my eyes checked out fine at optometry. So, Zyrtec & antibiotics to help clear up my sinuses as well as the infection. I've been on the meds for 2 days now and my eye does feel better. Follow up next week. :)

As far as homeschooling goes for the week, well, you know all the appts. I just mentioned? Well, they took over the week for sure! Some school did get done, but not as much as I wanted. Next week will be better! Right?

Mary Beth & Miss Mae weren't feeling well at the end of the week, even had low-grade fevers. They seem to be much better today though. Which is nice, as we won't have to miss church tomorrow :)

And the countdown continues... but not for Christmas :)

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